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Tax Services

Mr. Robbins' firm is a full-service organization, with a number of specialities including tax return preparation.

Expertise is Clearly Needed to Prepare Tax Returns!

It's no secret to anyone who has prepared their own (or anyone else's) tax return that the federal income tax laws can be hard to comprehend and difficult to work with. The sheer number of laws, and the complexity of those laws, can be somewhat daunting. Even the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the nation's tax collection agency, acknowledges that "... for anyone not familiar with the inner workings of tax administration, the array of IRS guidance may seem, well, a little puzzling at first glance." Since even Albert Einstein expressed his concern that tax laws were among the most complex of all human tasks, this statement by the IRS could be one of the great understatements of all time!

Tax Services for Individuals, Businesses, Trusts, Estates & Other Entities:

  • Preparation of individual federal (Form 1040) and state income tax returns
  • Preparation of income tax returns for businesses (Forms 1120, 1120 S & others), fiduciary tax returns (Forms 1041, 1041-A, 5227 & others)
  • Preparation of estate (Form 706), gift (Form 709) & generation-skipping transfer tax returns
  • Income tax forecasts
  • Nonfiler representation, offers in compromise, abatements
  • Other tax-related services including tax planning for the above-referenced entities